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We are “Old World” in our approach to craftsmanship, not necessarily in our materials.  In regards to quality, the old adage is “measure twice, cut once”, but we measure thrice and cut twice.  We treat every client’s home like our own.

Tile Setting: Combining Artistry, Mathematics & Physical Strength

Tile is a Renaissance trade in more than just history.  It is one that to reach the pinnacle of quality requires discipline, education and strengths in seemingly unrelated areas.  The artistry of beautiful tile work is evident in any finished product, but what about the OCD like precision required in measurements?  What about all that trigonometry?  What about the physicality required to move and form concrete, lift heavy stones and get into yoga-like positions in restricted spaces?  The best tile setters are in-shape mathematicians with an artist’s eye.

Our Story

Partners Frank Miller and Kelly Stroick started working together in 1994, when Frank apprenticed under Kelly for a good number of years (before becoming a journeyman himself).  Kelly, like any true artist, continues to impart the essence of his theories and skills to this day.

Brought up in the terrazzo trade via his father, Kelly made the transition to tile and stone after attending UCLA.  Frank, after living abroad, teaching, and professional stints in construction management and manufacturing, returned to partner with Kelly in the trade that started his love for creating beautiful things.

Our Mission

We want to help make your home more beautiful.  We pride ourselves on Professionalism, Dependability and above all else, Quality (we call it the PDQ approach), and it is our goal to make the best version of your materials, your space and your design.

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