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Slab Shower

Solid Walls

Having each wall be a solid piece has obvious advantages in maintentance and upkeep: better waterproofing, no grout joints, easier cleaning, etc.

Traditional Mosaic Floor

While having a solid slab shower pan is possible, it is very difficult and very expensive, so the usual choice is going with a standard tile mosaic shower floor.  This also allows you to have a splash of color or highlight a design.

Unique Aesthetic

Due to the expense and logisitical difficulties, one does not often see slab showers, but they are a thing to behold when you do.

The Classic

Subway tile and a hex floret mosaic offer about the most timeless look you could ask for.

Niche Designs

Slab Bottoms

Top niche features on-site manufactured 45-degree trim pieces, while the bottom niche is trimmed with bullnose and features a hex deco tile.

Special Features

The glass mosaic in the top niche is framed by the subway tile and capped with a cornice liner, while the white marble niche in the bottom image simply features polished edges, manufactured on site.

Standard Trims

Top image features a traditional quarter-round finish while the bottom image shows a more contemporary metal trim.

The Designer

This stunning bathroom in Laguna Beach has so many features it’s difficult to put it all in words.  Its foundation is a vertical subway tile, in both glossy and matte, with a pebble floor and a glass mosaic in the shampoo niche.  This oversized shower features a curbless entry and an infinity drain, and boasts a built-in light to illuminate the glass in the niche.  There are also various fancy shower valve doo-hickies.



The traditional bookmatch method, featured here, deals with matching veins or grain in a corner.  Notably done with natural stone or in tile meant to emulate the look of natural stone.


With patterns, you can continue them on corners or through openenings (as shown on the walls here), or you can mirror the pattern (shown on the middle of this shower floor).


This marble mosaic illustrates how you wrap a three-dimensional object in your chosen pattern and materials.

Handcrafted Homes

“Do what is in front of you and make it the best you can.” – Suzuki

Every project is approcahed in this way – with purpose, meaning, intention, discipline, and a little love.