The Right Foundation

What’s under your feet should have a place in your heart.  Pick something that your eyes and feet can both rest upon.




Bring some of the old world to you.  These patterned tiles add great splash of color to the home.



Square drains never look ordinary.  Be they a standard grate (shown in the top and middle photos) or a tile-in drain cap (shown in the bottom image), they can be exactly the right fit for your shower and aesthetic.


A relatively new design feature in showers, linear drains offer a little something extra in looks, maintenance and tile choices.  Like all drains, they can be done as a grate (top photo) or as tile-in sleeves (bottom three photos) and the only way you can tell they are there is by looking for the drain lines (where the water disapears).  If they are wall-to-wall drains (like shown in all the example photos), any tile can be used, no matter how large, as the pitch only need go in one direction (as opposed to standard drains which have compound and intersecting pitches, and require small format tiles to conform to them).


As the orginals, these round grates with no frame are the classics of the drain world.  These require a little bit more time and a bit of a steady hand to execute the radius cuts – especially on so many small pieces – but they are a favorite of the old school crowd.

Earth Tones

If you are looking for more muted elegance, washed earth tones on a large format tile are going to be your happy place.  The generally warm look creates a peaceful aesthetic without being too busy.  Rectangles are the sual choice, but hex and square tiles will also fit the bill.

Hexagonal Mosaics

Floret Pattern
Classic Black and White
Color/Shade Blend
Wood-Style Porcelain

If you enjoy a natural wood look, but want the durability, sustainability and longevity of porcelain, these “wood” tiles come in a variety of sizes, shades and colors.