our specialties

Below are some rabbit holes into past projects.  Peruse for ideas, inspiration, viewing pleasure or just to get a general idea of the scope and quality of our work.


The bread and butter of all tile and stone setters, bathrooms require our materials for structure and functionality, but that does not mean they can also not be beautiful.  Take a look inside to see where practicality meets pretty.


This one covers a lot of ground (pun intended).  Whether your project is in an entryway, kitchen, hallway, bathroom or deck, we do everything from a minimalist approach to art deco mosaics with tons of detail.


While we don’t do these as often as we’d like, they are personal favorites.  Often overlooked in in the home’s design or overall aesthetic, a fireplace done right is something that can transform your home into that next level of awesome.


Back in the old days, tile setters did almost all the counter tops around.  The proliferation of slab has moved us mostly into the space of backsplashes (and floors) in kitchens, but it gives us great opportunities for unique and interesting applications in both regards.